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Opening Times

Please be aware that the Groups Team will endeavor to answer your queries firstly by email within a 3-5 working day response time. If you feel a meeting is appropriate, the office opening times are as followed:

Monday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Tuesday: Drop-in day (10am-4pm)

Wednesday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Thursday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Friday: Closed for paperwork processes


Things to Note

Please note that we do not work weekends and that we take our lunch breaks between 12pm-2pm so availability may be limited between these times. Please make sure that you have made contact with us by well in advance of the weekend as it is unlikely that any of your queries will be resolved after 4pm on Friday.

We will not meet with you on our days for booked meetings unless you have booked an appointment or that we are expecting you via email correspondence. Otherwise, do feel free to utilise our drop-in session or contact

Please make sure to knock on the door when you have arrived to a meeting, are expected via email correspondence or are utilising our drop-in sessions. We have confidential information in our office and so it is best practice to knock hard and wait for someone to come out to see you or until you are called in.

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