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Coach's Pack

Coaches can be a key facilitator to a group's function. However, without prior notice or official documentation of their services to a group, payment to coaches can take a lot longer than necessary. This pack is designed to help make the process of paying your coaches and registering them as providing a service to a group both swift and easy.

What is it?

Whether you need a coach for singing, dancing, sport or anything else, the coach's pack is a document for all groups who wish to utilise the services of a coach. It provides the Groups Team with information about a coach's training, any qualifications or insurance they have and whether or not they are providing services to your group voluntarily or if they are going to be paid. It also gives a coach some information on the payment process.

Who should fill it in?

Every group who uses the services of a coach must pass this pack on to their respective coach for the individual to fill out. This should happen every academic year unless you have a continuing coach whose pay rate is the same as the year before. It is imperative that both new and continuing coaches whose pay rate has changed from the previous academic year, finalise this document before the beginning of the next academic year every September. We suggest that it is your treasurer who is predominantly responsible for providing your coach with this pack and following up with them where necessary.


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