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Associate/Affiliate Membership

Associate/Affiliate Membership

Non-students can join Student Groups if they are an Associate or an Affiliate member. Associate and Affiliate memberships (for eligible non-students) are currently only available in person from the Union Shop, Associates and Affiliates refer to:

  • Alumni. A copy of degree/award certificate or a letter from the University of Portsmouth confirming eligibility is needed as proof of this status. 

  • ICP or students at another institution that is linked to the University of Portsmouth. Valid student identification, or a letter from host institution, confirming eligibility is needed as proof of this status. 

  • Union or University staff. Staff must produce a staff card that is in date. 

Joining a Student Group as one of the above incurs a fee on top of any groups membership. The fee is also payable if the group you are joining is free. 

Many groups have a membership cost to cover your participation in group activities. The Union subsidises some of the full member costs for student groups to keep the cost of group membership as low as possible. Associate and affiliate memberships are offered for a small fee (£45), as the Union does not receive any extra funds from the University to subsidise these types of membership. You will only be able to join upon production of valid of proof of eligibility.

Group memberships are not currently listed in full on the Union shop tills so please follow this link to fill in our request form. The group will be listed on the shop tills within 5 working days. 

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