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Fundraising and Cash Counting

Fundraising is a great idea to add to your RAG status as well as giving your group an opportunity to better their finances. It is available to both paid and unpaid groups providing that you follow the instructions we give you and that you have a treasurer. You can fundraise for external charities too.

Fundraising and Cash Counting

Remember that it is primarily your Treasurer's responsibility with the assistance of the President to look over your finances and organise your fundraising. It is the treasurer who has total access to financial concerns for your group and so while other committee members can help facilitate we encourage these two positions to lead the function.

Before attempting to collect cash for any fundraising events (either for your group or a charity), please make sure that you complete the following charity fundraising bucket request form. This allows you access to a donations bucket which the Union is able to provide for you. When you have completed the form, you will receive an email stating where you will be able to collect it from. Please be aware that our general response time is 3-5 working days though we endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to make sure any cash you have collected is counted and bagged up correctly. For totals of £500 or over however, your relevant coordinator will happily help you count this amount. If you are fundraising for an external charity you will need to pay this into the charity's preferred bank yourselves. If raising money for your group, you'll need to pay in any cash you have collected to our Union Shop which will then be put in your bank account. Please make sure you contact prior to paying it in and ask for a fundraising button to be set up on our tills for you. Please be mindful when carrying large amounts of fundraised cash over £100 and make sure you travel in at least pairs when doing so.

For more guidance please see the documents below and make sure that you print out the 'Counting Cash Sheet' to help you calculate how much money you have collected.

If you would like to take part in fundraising but are not part of a group or want to do something separate from your group, feel free to contact any of our active volunteering groups to get involved with a variety of charity and fundraising projects.


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