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<p>Sponsorship can be a very positive experience for many groups. With the additional funds, groups can spend more money to aid development and support the longevity of the club. However, there are some things to consider when agreeing on sponsorship. You need to ensure that your terms are met, that you are not being exploited and that the company willing to sponsor your group abides by our terms and conditions. Keep in mind the Union's code of conduct and remember not to stretch yourselves too thin with what you are agreeing to. To begin the sponsorship process, your whole committee must meet with your potential sponsor and bring along the 'Form Template and Terms and Conditions' attached below. The sponsor will need to fill out the sections relevant to them before your president completes the group's part. This should only occur after the discussions with the sponsor and with the committee all in agreement. The president signs this off on behalf of the group and then either bring the hardcopy to the Union Student Groups Team office or email it to Do not make duplicates and ensure that any originals are destroyed after scanning and adding it to your Google Drive folder (and/or sending it directly to the Groups Team if appropriate). We will then email you to proceed with this agreement. It is very important that you make sure that sponsorship agreements are a unanimous committee decision and not one of an individual. Remember that your sponsor does not need to be a Portsmouth company and that you need to consider your members' personal choices and preferences when securing agreements with a new sponsor. Do remember that a sponsorship agreement cannot be amended once it is signed off. For further guidance on how to obtain sponsorship, what a model sponsorship looks like and to download the correct form to fill out, please see the documents attached.</p>


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