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Zone Meetings

Zone meetings are monthly student group meetings with the Societies Executives and the VP Activities that anyone from a committee can attend. In these meetings, we try to encourage at least one spokesperson from each student group to represent their group. In these meetings, you will be voting on the ratification of new groups, new processes and given information on upcoming events and plans.

Why do we have Zone?

Activities Zone is the best place to have your voice heard and receive updates on what is going on at UPSU. Ideally, we hope that as many committee members of current and active groups are able to attend as possible, though we understand that this is not always feasible as they run during the week alongside lectures, seminars, and placements. 

Who are the societies Executives?

Each Exec officer represents a different specific type of student group and the different aspect of their functions. These include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Academic and Professional Officer, Physical and Sports Officer, Creative and Performing Arts Officer, Common Interests and Community Officer, Culture and Faith Officer, Political, Campaigns and Causes Officer, Media Officer and finally RAG and Volunteering Officer. These officers are the primary point of contact in the Union for the societies that they mentor helping with any issue the society may be facing. They also help the Activities Chair run the monthly Activities Zone. 

These roles have a lot of potential for events and projects with the groups they mentor, for example, the Common Interest Officer runs the award-winning recurring event Nerdvana. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, or want to know what these roles do and who to speak to, please see the 'Development' heading for the 'Executive Roles' subheading for more information.

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