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Face and Body Painting

A fantastic way to relieve your stress and try a new hobby, body and face painting are becoming more and more popular for use as a creative outlet in recent years and can be used as a relaxation tool and a way to break up a tricky study session.

From crazy body painting illusions to children’s party face painting, with a few colours and brushes, you can explore this imaginative art sector. While it might be helpful following some quick and easy how-tos and FAQs, following tutorials is always a great start before you go independent and paint on your own. If you’re not that confident then you can always start with the basics and challenge yourself to simple cheek designs. You can do it on yourself, your family, your housemates or a friend and the best part is that it can all be simply washed off if you use the standard water-based paints. While it may seem like an expensive way to relieve stress, you do not have to buy expensive paints and many of the standard water-based paints can be found in local costume stores. Special FX and spooky tutorials are a great way to get you ready for Halloween and was the way that I got into face and body painting as a way to relieve myself from the stresses of University work. No screens, no books and a space to clear and briefly rest your mind. Creativity is important to academia with body paint being ‘a fun learning activity [and] [...] promoting retention of knowledge’ (Finn & McLachlan, 2010).


Finn G. M. & McLachlan, J. C. (2010). A qualitative study of student responses to body painting, Anatomical Sciences Organisation, 3, 33–38. doi/10.1002/ase.119

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