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Balloon Modelling

A quirky skill to develop, balloon modeling is a fun way to channel your frustrations. Create a physical entity, pop it or bash it around if it makes you feel better! Tie balloons into knots rather than yourself!

From Marvel’s Deadpool to a simple classic dog, there are a variety of balloon shape tutorials on the internet. With a few balloons and a couple of permanent markers, you can create a wide range of fantastic balloons spending very little money indeed. Some studies indicate that blowing up balloons can even ‘be a cheap and cost effective’ health benefit (Chauhan et al, 1992, p. 1669). Websites have packs of balloons for £1.95, much cheaper and more beneficial to having efficient study breaks than your favourite costly media streaming service. With twists, bends, pops and pulls, you can take your university work frustrations out in a fun way on a physical object that isn’t your tutor. After your problems have been projected onto a balloon and mangled within an inch of its life you’ll find that that balloon has become something special, something you have created yourself from scratch. Just like your university work, though you may wish to pull it to pieces you’ll find that on its completion you have something to be very proud of indeed. If all else fails, challenge your annoying housemates to a duel with your very own balloon swords and release some of your tension. Starting with the basics are a great step in the right direction to creating a more grand project like this one. Who knows, you could even use this party trick to start up your own business.



Chauhan, A. J., Dillon, P., Gray, L., Leahy, B. C., McLindon, J.P. & Sawyer, J. P. C. (1992). Regular balloon inflation for patients with chronic bronchitis: a randomised controlled trial, BMJ, 7(304), 1668-1669.

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