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Needlework is not only a pastime for genteel, retired old ladies and gentlemen. From crochet to cross stitch, there are a variety of needlework types to try in your spare time to help you relax.

In a particular study conducted in 2011, it was found that ‘for some, quilting was a routine contribution to a sense of well-being, and/or a resource to aid in dealing with crisis situations’ (Dickie, 2011, p. 214). Certainly, those approaching deadlines can feel like crisis situations and needlework can help you manage this kind of overwhelming feeling and keep a level head. While embroidery may be a mystery to you as a beginner, helpful online explanations of embroidery and beginner crochet patterns are a great way to introduce yourself to the needlework world. Start guides for cross stitch and knitting are useful for both of these really popular creative outlets. With this increased popularity in needlework, there are plenty of places to buy starter kits and additional threads and wool so you’ll never fall short for materials. You may find that you never need to buy a Christmas present again or that you can even start your own business. Check out our resources section for some cool templates to follow and get yourself started.


Dickie, V. A. (2011). Experiencing Therapy Through Doing: Making Quilts, occupation, Participation and Health, 13(4), 209-215.

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