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We know it can get tough being a student, all those deadlines one after another, trying to balance a social life, eating healthy, being fun and cute, it’s pretty exhausting. Which is why we are here, to encourage you to get out and about! Take a break, a walk, a run, just something that isn’t scary and exhausting, like those assignments and exams. Continue reading this article for a bunch of free things you can do in Portsmouth.

Disclaimer- this is not encouraging you to procrastinate, nor take you away from studying, but, simply a reminder of all the places you can visit to rejuvenate and take a little breather. Refresh that wonderful brain of yours.

Portsmouth Natural History Museum

Located in the heart of Southsea, just next door to Canoe Lake, this quaint museum is home to a beautiful butterfly museum and interesting exhibits.

Cumberland House Natural History Museum, Eastern Parade, Portsmouth PO4 9RF

Canoe Lake/Rose Garden

How about taking a walk around this man-made boating lake? Or you could hire out a pedal boat, and pedal around instead! Adjacent to the Park, are the remaining walls of Lumps Fort, now a beautiful setting for Southsea Rose Garden. Alongside the Rose Garden is Model Village, where everything is on a miniature scale. As a student, we know you’ll appreciate how fascinating it is to see normal things on a not normal scale.

Canoe Lake, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 9RG

Portsmouth City Museum

A free to access local museum located in the heart of Portsmouth. Home to a variety of collections, including- Archaeology, Art, Charles Dickens, Local History, Military, Natural Science and an Oral History. 

Museum Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2LJ

The Beach (Southsea and Eastney)

Relax and unwind by taking a slow walk around the pier, across the common or dipping your toes in the sea. There are a few cafes along the Clarence Pier, where you can treat yourself to some ice cream/gelato, grab fish and chips or even some candy floss, yum. Food and peace, what else more could you ask for?

Portsdown Hill

A serene hill overlooking the city of Portsmouth and its livelihood. The best time to head up there is when the sun is just setting or rising, for that beautiful pastel coloured sky scene. There is also parking available, which is great during the colder days! 

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