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Stressless Toolkit

Our Stressless Toolkit can provide you with a variety of resources and materials for you to read though and try out. Whether exam stress, the weight of looming coursework deadlines or just the general roller coaster of student life, this all year round dashboard gives you the reigns to lead your stress-less student experience to fulfillment and success.

  1. Food, Cooking and Baking

    1. The Importance of Eating Well
    2. Weekly Food Preparation
  2. Physical Activities

    1. References
    2. Managing Stress with Physical Activity
  3. Resources

    1. Origami
    2. Needlework
    3. Playlists
    4. See all 8 articles »
  4. Getting Out of the House

    1. Out and About
  5. Hobbies

    1. References
    2. Needlework
    3. Origami
    4. See all 6 articles »
  6. Preparing for Life After University

    1. Life After University
  7. Study Tips

    1. Studying Tips and Keeping a Good Mindset