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Food, Cooking and Baking

Preparing food is a great way to take a moment away from your studies. In spending time meal prepping, cooking and baking, you can make sure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle while getting and the nutrients for the brain power needed for studying. The documents in this section provide outlines of a variety of foods catering for different types of eating habits as best as possible and many of the meals listed can be made with alternate ingredients or adapted to make it more suited to the individual. Check the resources page for more online recipes.

  • The Importance of Eating Well

    A study looking into the eating behaviours of UK students show that ‘the majority of participants met dietary recommendations for fat, added sugar and fast food intake, whereas all or almost all of pa...

  • Weekly Food Preparation

    Preparing your meals for the week in advance is a great way to keep an eye on how much money you’re spending. It is also a fantastic way to give yourself a creative and proactive break from your resea...