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Weekly Food Preparation

Preparing your meals for the week in advance is a great way to keep an eye on how much money you’re spending. It is also a fantastic way to give yourself a creative and proactive break from your research.

Meal Prep Tutorials

Meal tutorials that you can follow to prepare your lunches and/or dinners in advance are a great way to divide up you stressful study sessions to make them more manageable. Tutorials are a useful way to expose yourself to new recipes if you’re not used to cooking and don’t have space or money for cookbooks. With step by step instructions, you can rest at ease knowing that providing you are following the guidelines you have the ability to produce a tasty brain food meal. Taking quick breaks from studying can help you focus and eating well and feeling as though you have still been productive is a good start to feeling more positive about your university work. For more information about the benefits of taking study breaks please see our ‘Studying Tips and Keeping a Good Mindset’ section on the main page. Also, make sure to check out information about The Student Food Project. This is a university-wide scheme that has since blossomed from being created in 2015 by a fellow student. There is an extensive list of quick, cheap and easy student recipes to help you live your best uni life.

Good and hearty balanced meals full of the right fuel for your brain and body will leave you feeling better and active during the day. Chips and nuggets after a night out or long and tiring study session at the library are not good regular foods for sustenance and meal deals will eventually break your bank account. Attached is a document with a list of different meal tutorials kind to your brain, overall health and bank balance with a mini breakdown so you don’t have to watch the tutorial to decide if you’ll like it and to enable you to quickly check what ingredients you already have! We know that being a student often means that you tend to be tight for cash, but the following recipes keep that in mind providing you with a price indicator (£-££££). Remember, you can always exchange fresh ingredients for those that are canned, frozen or in a jar and use them another time, making further shopping trips to cheap local supermarkets even cheaper. We have also included meal prep for healthier snacks and sweet treats as treating yourself is a must. See our revision tips heading for more information on that.

Meal ChartsHere is a printable planned meal chart with a shopping list to track your spending and make sure you are just as food organised as you are with your university work. Maintaining a flexible yet structured plan is a good way to make sure you aren’t using food as a diversion from your revision or coursework. Making sure you also record the times it takes for you to do things is important to keep on track. Try to stick to these and make sure that your productive and creative outlet for study breaks is not more like an excuse to procrastinate.


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