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When to Meet the Groups Team

While the primary purpose of the Groups Team is to support group activity and function, in direct contact with the committee members of each group, the team can also provide UPSU groups' members with support.

How the Groups Team can Support Members

If you believe that there is a problem with a committee member, if you are concerned for someone's welfare, or if it seems that your group's committee isn't doing what they should, Student Groups Team can help support you. With any concern related to a student group that you are part of, the Groups Team can support and direct you to the appropriate departments and processes.

All primary concerns should be relayed to your committee though if you are uncomfortable telling them or find this situation inappropriate then we are happy to help as best we can.

Particularly, if a committee member has lost passion for the group or has prematurely resigned from their leadership post, an AGM may be required. The rest of the current committee should notify all members if this is the case and you should be given the option to run for this role. In AGMs everyone should get the opportunity to run for all roles. for more information about AGMs please see the relevant section on the main page. If none of those on the committee have interest in the group, please inform and we will advise you to follow the correct processes. Please see the section titled 'Grievances' for more information on this.

UPSU's Advice also offers a mediation service where appropriate.

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