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Starting a Group

If you wish to start a new group that isn't currently catered for at the Students' Union, or adopt an old group that has previously become inactive, we can provide the resources and support to get you up and running. 
If you have any questions on how to start a Group or would like any support or information please contact the current Development officer via email on or the Groups Team on We also have a team of Execs that assist with student groups who are readily available for your queries too. They can be contacted via

Starting a New Group

Your first job is to check that the group doesn’t already exist so you'll need to look at our current group list to see what groups we already have. If someone is already doing that activity you can get in contact with them and get involved via their group page on the website. If no-one is currently using your idea then great, you can carry on with the rest of the steps!

The Union opens the application to start a new group at the begining of a new academic year and they then accept new and adopt group requests during August to February each year. If you miss these windows you will need to wait until the next time applications open. At the end of each intake period, the Groups Team and the Groups Executive will review the applications. 

Please make sure that you read through the Student Groups Constitution if you are considering setting up a new group or adopting an inactive one.

Filling in the Correct Form

Now you need to complete the new/adopt a group proposal form. This is the same form that you would have checked in the first stage of the process to establish what groups are up for adoption.

Once you have filled out the form, your application is checked by the Groups Team and the Group Executive. All of our groups are led by students and we do not limit students by monitoring what groups we have. It is however important that we check through a proposal to ensure that it meets all of the Union's standards (development, welfare and representation) and that it has been filled in correctly. 

What happens after your request is approved?

The Groups Team will let you know when your application has been approved. They will set up your group email and membership page as well as telling you everything you need to know. You will need to let them know who your core committee are (your committee should consist of at least three compulsory roles of President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any outside this are non-compulsory but welcomed). You will then have 8 weeks to gain at least 20 members, attend and complete online committee training.

Remember, you will still need to officially register once you have finished the process and your page has been set up. Please do this in the same way that your members would, by going onto your group's UPSU page and clicking the purple 'Add to Basket' button. Once you have done this, click on the white basket icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and follow these instructions. It is important that you do this so we can see that you and the rest of the committee are actively confirming that you are happy to take on the relevant committee role. Your group will be free to join for the first academic year that it is running. For more information on how to develop your group please see the 'Development' heading on the main committee hub page.

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