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Student Information Hub

This dashboard is designed to provide guidance and information to support the needs of members of UPSU student group. Please use this as your primary point of call for any information you require regarding the running and functions of your student group and the Union's policies and processes. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact and we will do our best to answer your query. Please note that our response time is 3-5 working days though we do try to get back to you as speedily as we can.

  1. UPSU groups

    1. Delayed starting / adopting process...
    2. Starting a Group
  2. Membership Queries

    1. Associate/Affiliate Membership
    2. Union Group Membership
    3. Membership Refunds
  3. Meeting with the Student Groups Team

    1. When to Meet the Groups Team
    2. Opening Times
    3. Booking Appointments
  4. Grievances

    1. Student Group Code of Conduct
    2. Vote of No Confidence (VNC)
    3. Student Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure
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  5. Equipment and Facilities

    1. Equipment
    2. Union Room Facilities
    3. University Room Facilities
  6. How to become a Committee member

    1. What is an Executive Committee Role?
    2. What are the Committee Roles?
    3. What is an EGM?
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