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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group of current students who volunteer to help create development opportunities for UPSU's student groups as well as aiding with their function. The Exec Committee makes decisions on matters that directly affect student groups and do this on behalf of all groups. The best interests of student groups are kept in mind and are at the forefront of all decisions the committee make. Read on to discover what roles are available and the responsibilities of each.

How do I Contact them?

There are several executive positions, all of which deal with certain types of student groups. If you have a problem with a student group you are a member of please let them know. If you wish to speak to your relevant exec about your group please see their email addresses below:

Chair -

RAG Exec and Vice Chair -

Media Exec -

Equality and Diversity Exec -

Development Exec -

There is also a Facebook page that you can join for contact with the Execs and for any relevant student group updates. The page is called UPSU Student Group that you can request to join.

What is their Purpose and what do they do?

The purpose of the executive team is to make sure that the collective student voice is heard and to give each student group category a point of contact with the Union, separate from the Student Groups department but working in tandem.

The Student Groups Team and the Executive Committee meet once every three months at the end of each term to review the term just passed. They also have a briefing meeting at the beginning of every academic year (September) to discuss what will be happening with groups over the academic year.

Some of the activity that the execs are involved with include changing, adapting and evaluating UPSU's student group code of conduct, processes and events as well as chairing and co-organising the monthly Zone Meetings that all student group committee members are invited to attend.

Being an exec can give you the opportunity to develop your workplace skills in a voluntary role as you regularly meet and debate topical UPSU student group issues, create agendas, take minutes and have your voice heard. This is a space where your ideas can come to life with the guidance and support of both the current VP Activities and the Student Groups department. An excellent CV opportunity, put your passions into practice and run for an executive position.

How to Become an Exec


In a similar democratic process like AGMs, Executive Committee members are voted in during the last Zone Meeting of every academic year. This consistently gives new student group committee members the option of running. Occasionally an executive may resign from their role mid-way through their term. The vacant position would then be voted on in the next Zone meeting. Communications should be sent out in advance to all student group email addresses to give all a chance to run for a role. 

It is good to consider the practicality of your skills, interests, and experience when applying for a role however you are not limited to running for a position that is only applicable to the category of your student group. For example, if your group is a charity and fundraising group, do not feel that you are limited to running for the RAG/Volunteering (Raising and Giving) role. 

Be prepared to give a brief speech regarding the role you are running for. Include information as to why you believe that you are a good candidate for the role, why you want to take on the role, any aims short and long term you have and any ideas you wish to implement. There may be an opportunity for the room to ask you questions, so make sure that you are ready to be quizzed!

Responsibilities Applicable to all Positions

  • The candidate will be responsible for communicating with societies in their remit and supporting them through mentoring.
  • They must attend Group Executive meetings and Group Zones. (Or send apologies if you cannot make it)
  • They should have awareness of Union Policies that relate to societies and be able to advise their societies on these when necessary.
  • They should communicate to their societies any major changes that pass through Group Zone and keep them up to date of their progress.
  • They should be a point of contact for societies to voice issues with welfare their members, the processes of societies and democratic concerns, for the officer to raise with the appropriate channels.
  • They may wish to engage societies in their remit in collaborative projects such as joint events or campaigns.


With support from the Student Groups Team, provide oversight over the executive committee, ensuring that all members of the exec are doing their jobs and are seeking opportunities to expand and grow within their roles.

Running termly Student Group Zone meeting in order to provide updates to student groups on any relevant changes as well as events. Also to run the AGM in March to elect the new executive committee as well as any necessary EGMs.

Chairing any executive committee meetings.

The chair will sit on the Union Actioning Body in order to represent the views of student groups and the executive committee.

Working closely with the Development Officer (Sabb) to ensure the smooth running of student groups.

RAG Exec Acting as Vice-Chair

Provide oversight of any student groups who may be fundraising.

Provide logistical support and insight into running charity events. 

Support with day to day running of fundraising events.

Work with the Student Groups Coordinators to keep a RAG total throughout the year.

Cover for the Groups Chair, in their absence.

Write Agendas with the Groups Chair, take meeting minutes and track attendance.

Development Exec

Work with the Student Groups Coordinators and the Development Elected Officer to offer development opportunities to student groups and getting feedback from student groups to ensure that training needs/wants are being met.
Provide oversight of any student groups who are looking to expand and provide training for their members and/or committee.
Provide support and offer signposting to training services for student groups.
Be a contact point for student groups wanting to expand/grow.
Focusing more on New Groups to engage with the Union.
Liaise with UoP CPD (Continued Professional Development).

Welfare, Equality and Diversity Exec

Provide oversight of any student groups who may need support with welfare issues.

Be an ambassador for student groups who want to encourage more “sober socials” and other events which encourage wider participation from members who may not want to participate in traditional group social events (i.e. nights out, pub crawls, or events that involve alcohol).

Be a contact point for committee's and/or group members who need support with a welfare issue - not necessarily providing support directly (out of remit) but providing signposting to relevant services.

Engage with the Student groups and support during the Global Week and cultural events in the University.

Liaise with UoP Equality Department.

Liaise with UoP Wellbeing services and UPSU Advice to help promote support networks and areas.

Events and Publicity Exec

Working closely with the Student Groups and Events Assistant to support student groups with needs for their events.

Provide oversight of any student groups who may need support with events and publicity.

Support student groups with planning and running events.

Support publicity of student groups events, sharing materials with the Groups Chair - for Student Group Zones.

Support student groups, particularly new ones, with increasing their publicity yield through support with social media, poster design, etc. 

Be a contact point for student groups with events or publicity related queries.

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    The next Zone Meeting will be held on the 3rd May. All student groups will have received email communications from our VP Activities regarding this event. If you wish to run for an executive committee role, please do attend this meeting and make sure to come prepared.

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