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How to Vote

As explained voting is only necessary when there are multiple people running for a committee role or if you wish to conduct a physical meeting within a room (please see below for information on Physical AGMs).


All officially registered members, including current committee members and those running, are entitled to vote. All will need to ensure that they are voting using their student email addresses ( as votes completed from any other email address domains will be disregarded. Everyone is only able to vote once and you cannot amend your votes once completed so vote carefully! All responses are anonymous and are monitored by the Groups Team to ensure a fair outcome.

Using the electronic form for voting, you should be aware that your group's results will be sent to your group's email address either the day the AGM form closes (if that is between 10am and 3pm) or the following day. Please feel free to contact if there is a delay longer than 48 hours after the form's closure.

If any member is running unopposed they are automatically granted the role by default. If you feel that they are not a suitable candidate this needs to be raised with your committee prior to the vote closure. If they are running unopposed then it is the duty of the members to run against them if you feel that they are not a suitable candidate. There are VNC (vote of no confidence) processes that can be taken if this potentially incompetent member is appointed by default and does not successfully pulls their weight.

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