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What are the Committee Roles?

Outlined below is a list of the core committee and some additional positions plus the roles and responsibilities that come with them. Remember that any member of a group is entitled to run for a role that interests them and all should be given the opportunity to come forward and state that you would like to run for a position. If you like the sound of being a committee member, why not fill out this Committee Quiz to see which role suits you best?

The Compulsory Committee

Every group whether paid or free requires the following three committee roles. This is the core committee and without these, a group is not allowed to continue its function. These roles cannot be combined with one another and if a compulsory committee member is willing to take on a non-compulsory role then they should carefully consider the amount of work they will be expected to complete whilst a member of the core committee.


  • Generally oversees the smooth running of the Group/Club
  • Attends all Union democratic meetings
  • Ensure the committee are fulfilling their requirements
  • Chairs regular group/club meetings
  • Plans for the year they manage - Signs off on Facility booking forms & Final Budgets
  • Ensure involvement in all major student events i.e. Freshers Fayre 


  • Manages the group’s accounts with the relevant Co-Ordinator and attends budget meetings
  • Ensuring all monies are paid in promptly and correctly
  • Keeping track of group finances and reporting back to the group on this
  • Signs off all paying out forms for members & communicate financial procedures to the group
  • Supports in the booking of transport to ensure cost is in line with budgets


  • Overall responsibility for checking and responding to communications
  • Takes minutes at meetings and distributes these to all members in good time
  • Dealing with the administrative aspects of the group, such as room bookings, risk assessments, and inventory
  • Management of student membership in Group/Club

Non-compulsory Committee Roles

There are many different additional committee roles that student groups can have to help the function of their group. You'll notice that the Vice President position is not regarded as a compulsory role. We would recommend only very large student groups that perform lots of activities include this position in their committee. However, if you'd rather have a VP instead of the secretary role then this is fine on the condition that the VP is happy to take on the duties of the secretary. The VP and secretary are considered the most similar two committee roles. So, if a group does not have separate members taking on these positions and you or the group would rather have the title of VP than secretary, then the VP will need to be aware that they will be adopting the duties of the compulsory role of secretary.

Vice-President or Vice-Chair

  • Supporting the President in running the group
  • Chairing meetings in the President’s absence


  • Only relevant for physical activity groups
  • Responsible for Team sheets and organising games/fixtures
  • Ensuring that you manage your team fixtures in an appropriate way
  • Liaise with the relevant member of staff to plan your fixtures

Media, Publicity or Marketing Officer

  • Publicising the group throughout the year
  • Maintaining webspace and social media
  • Co-ordinates creation and distribution of marketing materials when needed

RAG Secretary

  • Arranging events with social secs to raise money & engage members to participate
  • Being a point of contact for RAG execs & promote union wide events
  • Arrange buckets for the group and monitor the group total

Events Officer (Previously Social Secretary)

  • Arranging trips and social events for members
  • Being a point of contact on all trips and socials
  • Ensuring risk assessments are completed for all events

Welfare Secretary

  • Ensure Welfare of Committee and members
  • Train to recognise any underlying issues of both the group/club and individuals
  • Be a signpost to external support i.e. Student Advice Centre
  • Model Inclusivity within the group
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