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Grievance Process

Have a problem that you can't solve yourself? Need to register a formal complaint about a committee member, group member or any other relevant group related matter? Follow our procedure below and we will do the best to resolve any issues you have.

Student Grievance Process

If you have a complaint to make about a student group member, or club committee or executive committee member, you can find out what to do and who to speak to in our Complaints procedure. This also details the process we will follow when concerning complaints regarding our group members, staff and sabbatical officers. This policy will be used alongside the Student Group Code of Conduct and the Student Group Disciplinary procedure if appropriate.

If you need to register a grievance please visit this link

The University of Portsmouth and the Students Union work in partnership to deliver a broad range of University sport and physical activity. As part of this partnership, we work together to give a positive student experience and build a sense of belonging through sport. We aim to do this through positive representation of our clubs/groups, expecting the code of conduct to be adhered to and working to raise the profile of sport and the University. If individual members or clubs/groups bring negative representation to either organisation or break the Team UoP code of conduct, we will follow the same disciplinary process and will work together for consistency. To find out how our partnership works, or to access support based around welfare and behaviour please visit Team UoP's Help and Advice site: 

Please find a copy of the Student Grievances and Disciplinary Process and the Code of Conduct for you reference.


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