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Student Group Code of Conduct

The document attached below has been produced by the Union's Student Groups Team and will give you a set of terms and conditions regarding how you should run your group and what we expect of you, alongside the Student Union's procedures. 

What is the Code of Conduct?

The code of conduct is a set of expectations outlined to every committee and individual member.

Every member of a student group, including committee members, agree to adhere to the student group code of conduct when they pay for membership or sign up to free societies.

The Policy Includes but is not limited to:

  • Activities
  • Initiations
  • Alcohol Culture
  • Individual Members

Please see the below document for further details.

What about Group Constitutions?

While in previous years, constitutions would have been a formal way for the groups themselves to set out their aims and objectives. This is no longer the case and while all groups are welcome to create one for themselves, there is no requirement for a constitution. Rather, as an alternative, we have adjusted the Student Group Code of Conduct to document what the Union expects of their student groups and all of their members and their behaviours. This is to ensure that your group efficiently and fully conforms to these expectations set out by the Union.

You cannot be found in breach of these procedures and terms and conditions. If you are there will be repercussions for your group so it is advised that you make sure the whole committee are familiar with it.

If your group is planning on having a physical Annual General Meeting (AGM) this code of conduct can be addressed during the meeting to make the new committee members aware of this document. You should, however, use the Membership Hub for your reference throughout your time on a student group.

Do I have to Do Anything?

When you purchase a membership to any group, you tick to confirm that agree with the Code of Conduct. It is every individual member's responsibility to conform to the standards outlined in the document. It will always be available on this dashboard.


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