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Booking Third Space

Third Space in the Union building can be a fantastic venue for the right event. If your group is planning a large scale event, be that for charity, to raise funds for your own group or just to have a bit of fun, third space is a great place to bring in the crowds.

When can you Use Third Space?

Your group needs to demonstrate a need for Third Space specifically when you request it. You must have AT LEAST 100 attendees for your event to be able to use Third Space. You also need to give at least 2 MONTHS notice for the request to go through and be approved.

How to Book Third Space

To book Third Space you need to do the following steps:

  1. Make sure your event is suitable for Third Space.
  2. Fill out an Event Form.
  3. If your event is approved by the Student Groups Team, you will be sent a 3rd Space Booking Form which you will need to complete and send to
  4. As 3rd Space is not owned by the Union, approval is needed by other departments. We will inform you if your request has been approved.
  5. If for any reason it is denied, it likely due to the date requested. The Student Groups Team and the requesting society will work together to find another suitable date.

Remember, the Union building is in fact owned by the university and this includes Third Space. As a result, this strict timescale needs to be abided by.

Venue Resources

Maximum Capacities

  • 1,000 people standing
  • 600 people seated conference style
  • 270 people seated around tables


  • UPSU owned & maintained projector
  • Lighting Truss
  • Stage
  • Storage Cupboards
  • Soft Seating
  • Folding Chairs
  • 64amp single phase power (Projector End)
  • 32amp single phase power (Projector End)
  • 16amp single phase power (Toilet End)
  • 13amp single phase power (Throughout)
  • Network Ports (Throughout)
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