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Advertising your Event

Events are a great way to fundraise for your group, fundraise for an external charity and to get your group publicity. When well advertised and planned correctly, events are fun and can provide your group with not only a great turn out but potentially more members and more money!


Attached to the bottom of the page is a document with guidance on how to make posters. Many posters that we receive to be circulated have far too much information on them or are not cohesive as a concept. Please have a look through the PDF attached to inform yourselves on how to best maximise your ability to gain more attendees using posters.

Please note that UPSU does not print or distribute flyers or posters for your event and we cannot send mass emails advertising your event either. You are welcome to use your group funds to pay for poster or leaflet printing. However, when putting up posters or distributing leaflets make sure this is done within a designated area and that you have got permission from the building management team.  


Online can be a great way to advertise your events. You can edit your UPSU page to include information about an event you are putting on and fill out our additional payment form to get tickets put on your page to be purchased.

The Groups Team can also advertise your event on the UPSU What's On page. To have your event listed here you will need to contact Please make sure you have created a poster (following the guide below) as the advertising image and provided a full breakdown of any and all information you may wish to be included. Make sure to include a nice description of the event, dress code, menu or anything else that is relevant to the buyer.


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