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Booking Appointments

If you wish to book an appointment please email with your query and availability. Please note that if you arrive at the office without a meeting on a day when you are not expected you may be directed to the iPad to fill in an appointment form.

Who are the Student Groups Team?

The Student Groups Team are the staff members in charge of helping all of UPSU's student groups and their members. The team consists of the department manager, administrator and two coordinators. Their names are listed below as well as their telephone numbers. The two coordinators are responsible for certain types of student groups. The categories they are responsible for are listed below. However, do remember that while they are the direct coordinator for certain types of groups it does not mean that one another cannot assist a member of any group. It is worth noting that for more general inquiries you may be best contacting the Union Shop and Reception. Their telephone number is also listed below.

Natalie Dutka-Bowskill - Insights, Projects and Groups Manager - 02392 84 3637

Rebecca Cartwright - Student Groups Coordinator - 02392 84 3629

Claire Tewkesbury - Student Groups Coordinator - 02392 84 5345

Emiley Hinton - Student Groups Event assistant and Administrator - 02392 84 5993

Union Shop and Reception - 02392 84 3628

Should you need to contact someone regarding a group inquiry then we best advise that you contact This is a shared inbox so all members of the department have access to see and respond to your emails. Please refrain from copying in personal staff email addresses when emailing the shared inbox. This doubles staff workload and can make responding to you take longer and become more complex than necessary.

Things to Know When Booking Appointments

Firstly, these appointments are only for high-level inquiries that cannot be dealt with quickly in our drop-in sessions, via email or by looking it up on the Membership Hub.

Secondly, if you do believe that you need a meeting with a coordinator make sure you book it as far in advance as possible so that the coordinators know not to book anything over the slot you wish to attend. If you need to speak with us as a matter of more urgency then please come to our drop-in sessions as we will not be able to deal with your query efficiently if you show up to our office on a day that already has prebooked meetings and cannot guarantee that we will even be able to see you.

Thirdly, when booking appointments try your best to make sure you provide us with all of the relevant information for this meeting in your email. Make sure that what you wish to speak about in your meeting is clearly explained and somewhat detailed. If we believe that we are able to tackle a query via email we will opt to do this before accepting your meeting request as you may be able to get a quicker solution to your issue. More detail will help us do this and if you do not provide us with a description of what you wish to discuss then you will not be given a meeting and will receive an email back asking you to explain your query, making the process a lot longer for all parties involved. 

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