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Remember, if you are ever unsure of anything even after checking the committee hub, the Groups Team are happy to help and can be contacted via email at

Meeting Rooms

  • Can you book the Union meeting rooms for the upcoming year in advance of the beginning of the new academic year?

Yes, you can. Our meeting rooms are booked on a first come first served basis. Please do be mindful of other groups however and make sure that you only book what space you need and make sure to cancel any room bookings that you know you will not be using.

  • Can I use a meeting room if it is empty?

We would always recommend checking the booking system and booking yourselves rooms. However, if a meeting room is empty when it has been booked, you can use it for the time that there is no one present from their booking slot. If your group needs to book a space that another group has regular bookings for, if you have evidence of them regularly not using the space you are entitled to inform the Groups Team and can ultimately book over their unused regular slot.

  • Why can't the Union just sort out the meeting rooms and Third Space bookings for us?

Apart from this being a very time-consuming process for the Student Groups Team, the Union does not own the Union building. This includes the meeting rooms and the third space. The building is in fact owned by the university who have their own processes and systems that we need to abide by.

  • Do I have to pay for the Union meeting rooms?

No. Our meeting rooms are free.

Vehicle Hire

  • Who can drive and hire minibuses?

Anyone 21 or over with 2 years driving experience can take our minibus tests and become a driver for their group.

  • How do I book a minibus test?

You'll need to make sure your driver is eligible and that they have taken the online theory test first. Once they have done this, you'll need to contact and you will be put on a minibus test waiting list and emailed when a date has been arranged for the test.

  • Are minibus tests free?

Yes. We do not charge you for taking the tests as they ensure us that the elected drivers are suitable to take on the responsibility of the driver role and allow us to insure your vehicle properly without issue.

  • Are the vehicle hire prices inclusive of fuel?

No. The group is responsible for paying for fuel and putting it in the vehicle. Insurances prices are also separate from the actual cost of hiring a vehicle.

  • Are the minibus tests on set days?

No. Minibus tests are sporadic as they are organised with an external company and so if you think that you'll need a driver trained for the next academic year then it is best to get them registered and on our lists as soon as possible.

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