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Kit and Clothing Guidelines

The overarching aim of these guidelines is to unify all sports clubs through uniformed sports playing kit and leisurewear branding. The guidance set out below is to help clubs achieve a consistent look throughout their activities, in the undertaking of their sport. In terms of playing kit, we recognise the difficulty of having all clubs under one supplier so the aim of these guidelines is to make your lives easier when deciding on who you would like to supply this for you.


The Union defines “kit” as anything that you play your sport in. For example, in football, the shirt, shorts and socks that you train and play football in would be classed as kit but the hoodie that you may wear to travel to training in or the t-shirts that you may wear out on socials as a club would be classed as non-kit. If your order falls under the kit classification the following rules must be that adhered to when finding a supplier and placing an order for your items. If your order is classed as non-kit please visit, whom the sports clubs have an exclusivity agreement to order such clothing. This website enables you to browse the items already set up, and to establish your order requirements.

Principles of Ordering Playing Kit

When thinking about ordering playing kit please follow these key principles:

  • The Union’s financial procedures must be adhered to for all bulk kit orders (as opposed to individually purchased ones). If you are unsure of these procedures see your relevant coordinator.
  • You are limited to purple, black and white only.

Steps to Ordering Kit

  1. Identify the supplier you would like to use for your team kit. Make sure you get a whole committee decision on this in order to make it fair. If you are struggling the Projects and Groups office can help you to identify a supplier. If it is a new supplier who the Union have not worked with before they MUST fill in and sign a supplier agreement.
  2. When looking for a supplier think about value for money, quality of kit and lead times on the product (how quickly they can get the kit to you).
  3. Work directly with the supplier in designing your kit.
  4. If you wish to, you can email your relevant coordinator with the proofs of the kits design and the quote that the supplier has offered. The proofs can be checked to make sure your kit designs conform to the unified branding. If you choose to order your kit without consulting your coordinator and the design falls outside of the guidelines specified in this document, you will be required to re-order your clothing. If the order is being placed through the Union your relevant coordinator will contact the supplier and raise a purchase order so that the supplier can invoice.
  5. If the kit is being delivered to the Union a committee member will need to check the delivery - if there are any anomalies it will need to be reported as soon as possible. It will be the committee's responsibility to distribute the kit out to the relevant members.


N.B. Before you pick up your kit you must have added it (if club owned) to your asset register. All clubs are shared in on this. You will need to sign to say you have collected it and after this, if it is lost, stolen, or printed incorrectly the committee will be held responsible for its replacement or return. If the kit is club owned you will need to create a sign-out or deposit scheme to enable to club to better look after their purchase.



You are limited to the colours purple, black and white for both home and away kit. Please read the following for logo guidance:

  1. The current Athletic Union crest is no longer valid and any current garments that include this logo will have to be retired in 19-20.
  2. You should be using the University logo on your new kit going forward as this will be valid long term. Please see below for appropriate University logos (this may be changed to a white outline when necessary).
  3. You can no longer use any club specific logos.

Ordering Leisurewear

If your order is classed as leisurewear, or otherwise known as apparel, please visit Kitlocker at This website enables you to browse the items already set up and to establish your order requirements.

Any alternative or sponsor logos need to be evaluated by the Student Groups team. For sponsorship information please see the section entitled 'Sponsorship' under the 'Committee Finance Information' heading. For any further guidance, please contact for help with this and your relevant coordinator should get back to you.

Please note that exclusive committee clothing cannot be paid from the student group's A account and must be self-funded. This is because money from your group's A account contains membership money and thus any purchases from this need to be a beneficial purchase for all members. If you wish to include a basic t-shirt for all members in the group's membership cost (if you charge a membership), this would need to be budgeted for in the A account in the previous academic year. If you are a free group, you can add these as an additional payment as and when you require the t-shirts to be ordered and paid for. Information on additional payments can be found in the section 'Finance Forms and Guidance'.

Prior to making any purchases please make sure to check with the Student Groups' coordinators whether or not you will be able to be reimbursed for a payment. 


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