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Union Room Facilities

The Union building has five rooms that you are able to book, including the Activities Room which is an open hardwood floor space with no chairs inside and a wall of mirrors. To look at the capacities and descriptions of each room follow this link

Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed within the Union building. 

Union Building Opening Times

In Term (Monday to Thursday)
Out of Term & Fridays
Bar and Room Booking hours


Student Group Bookings

If you are a student group who would like to book one of these rooms, please follow this link to our booking system. There is no need to speak with Union staff in order to do this and you should receive an email confirmation of your booking once it is complete.

This link will take you to a page that will ask you to sign into the system before you can complete any room booking requests. Make sure that when you are doing this via your student group email addresses rather than your personal or student email addresses as you will not have access if you try to sign in this way. If you have any problems with logging in, please click the 'forgot your login?' link at the bottom of the sign-in box. This will take you to a page where you can reset your password, just follow the instructions on how. If you are still having problems even after this, please contact

Please note alcohol is not permitted to be consumed within the Union building. 

Individual Bookings

If you are an individual student with no affiliation to a student group who wishes to book a room for personal or academic reasons then please go to the Union Shop and they can book this in for you. 

Please note alcohol is not permitted to be consumed within the Union building. 

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    Easter holidays

    Open for cleaners at 06:30 ready for staff/students 08:00, building closes 19:00. Rooms can be booked by UPSU, but any events running past 19:00 will incur a cost for Caretaker time.

    Summer Holidays

    The building is operated by David Goodwin and his team, and do all of the bookings of rooms etc. You will need to contact Conference and Lettings at the university on and from Saturday 22nd June 2019 to Sunday 8th September. After this date the meeting room bookings will go back to normal.

    If you would like to book the Activities Room you will need to contact or pop into the shop to book this.