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Membership Refunds

It is possible that when trying a new activity or something completely different than a new member may decide that it isn't for them. Providing that their request for a refund sits within our policy, this is no problem and is as easy as filling out an electronic form. Refunds only apply to paid groups and non-paid groups do not charge for membership.

How to Claim a Membership Refund

If a member wants a refund for their membership with your group you will either need to fill out this form on their behalf or share the link with them. Details regarding their eligibility for a refund is listed below and depends on the time when they request it. This request needs to be in writing which is something you should emphasise should someone ask you how to go about being reimbursed.

If someone is seriously injured resulting in their inability to continue activity with the group and they sit outside of the refund policy, providing that they are able to provide us with a doctors' note then we can look into the possibility of at least some form of reimbursement.

Once the form is filled out this will be assessed by the group's relevant coordinator and either confirmed or denied depending on the eligibility of their request. The coordinators will inform both the individual member and the group if a refund is to be processed to help treasurers keep track of their A account budgets.

Refunds will be back in the individual's account within two weeks of the request being accepted.

Cooling Off Period

A cooling off period is a period of time that allows a consumer to get all of their money back if they so wish to do so. We offer a fourteen calendar days’ cooling off period for new members of student groups, effective from the day you register for membership. This will allow you to cancel your subscription without any penalty.  If you wish to cancel your new member subscription, you must notify us within these fourteen days in writing via letter or email if you have not already filled in the relevant form. Membership fees will be refunded within thirty days of cancellation as detailed within the UPSU refunds policy. UPSU provides an additional seven calendar day taster period during which UPSU may refund up to 75% of the membership costs. All other refunds are subject to the UPSU refunds policy and student group discretion in exceptional circumstances. For any of these requests regarding membership refunds after the total of twenty-one days (including weekends and bank holidays), you will need to email both and the student group you wish to be refunded membership for and note that refunds are not guaranteed.

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